Exhibition Invitation

Solo Exhibition by Charwei Tsai
Curated by Veeranganakumari Solanki
The Guild, Mumbai, India
17 October ~ 2 November  2011

Press Release:
The Guild, Mumbai is pleased to announce Charwei Tsai’s first solo exhibition in India.

Thoughtforms are manifestations of the mind’s energy that formulate and emanate themselves by means of mantras, sound vibrations and philosophy. Every thought is centred on a form and a form around a thought. These Thoughtforms are living forces, which are structured, materialised and bound through the mind of their creator.

Charwei Tsai’s art practice is strongly affiliated with Thoughtforms, the Buddhist notion of impermanence and the cyclical nature of human existence. Tsai’s art reflects and conserves her Thoughtforms, which in turn are platforms for viewers’ reflections and perceptions.

The Thoughtforms in this exhibition manifest themselves through the artist’s reflections on – politics with reference to alienation; ceremonies with reference to reversal cycles; religion in conjunction with harmony in diversity; society and it’s effect on individuals with reference to Kafka; love and its synonymous nature with loneliness and manipulation; light with reference to accidental beauty; and growth through the enlightenment of the Heart Sutra – a mantra that is a recurring motif in Tsai’s work.

Thoughtforms and the Heart Sutra imply the psychology of un-minding the mind to equate emptiness with enlightenment. The text Tsai implements in her work from mantras to quotes and political statements are an extension of her strong belief in the transient nature of the universe.

Tsai’s Thoughtforms and literary affinity continuously grow in her biannual journal publications – Lovely Daze.

Text by Veeranganakumari Solanki