My Nature

Curated by David Rosenberg
Solo Exhibition at Deyrolle, Paris, France
17 May ~ 16 July 2011

The physical, spiritual and aesthetical relationships that we have with nature, for many years, form the center of reflection in the works by Charwei Tsai. In addition to the particularity and quality of her work recognized internationally, it is this special relationship with nature that led to the collaboration with Deyrolle.
As an artist and a traveler, Charwei Tsai is a photographer and a videographer. She has realized performances as well as sculptures and the ephemera. She is also publishes a periodical dedicated to dialogue and confrontation with artists from various horizons.
Meditating in the heart of nature, working with natural elements, gestures and repeated words (mantras), performing rituals with delicate improvisation, are what characterize the process of the artist. She works with perishable materials (flowers, fruits, tofu, mushrooms ….) to express the transitory nature of existence. The writing that she covers with such sanctification or spell reveals its deeper meaning through the process, which inevitably leads to its appearance and its disappearance.

For this exhibition at Deyrolle, the artist presents a kind of travel book consists of images (drawings, photos and videos), text and objects. It is an odyssey in the form of dreams and poem through the three elements, which are water, earth and air. This occasion is for the artist to explore sensitively the themes of origin, roots, and the momentum of desire and aspirations.

by David Rosenberg