Lovely Daze – Special Edition 5

Lovely Daze – Special Edition 5 – 2015

Lovely Daze is a curatorial journal of artists’ writings and artworks published biannually in limited editions. Our fifth special edition is a project by Mark Borthwick: in pursuit of nothing more than an original sin to let light in.

I first met Mark through our common friend Hisham, who invited me to a gathering at Mark’s house. Everyone brought their instruments and played music together. The house was lit with love and we felt it with all our senses. There was no separation between the house, the music, the cooking, the incense, the photographs, the family, and all of us. 

In the past year, I have been living mostly in Vietnam. Though this region has a difficult recent history, I am also struck by the freshness of the younger generation and the beauty of this land. I wanted to share this experience through Lovely Daze. I am grateful that Mark agreed to come explore this region of South East Asia together with his son Joey and friend Paul. This book is the result of our journey.    

publisher ~ charwei tsai
artist ~ mark borthwick
editors ~ kelly carmena, lesley ma, sabrina shaffer
muses ~ angela garcia, cristina rodriguez, catalina leon, federico herrero
special thanks ~ maria, bibi, joey, paul, tsering, jia-shuan, keisuke
copyright ~ mark borthwick & lovely daze, spring/summer 2015 printed in my beloved formosa