Carnets d’Inspiration

Artist’s book
Private Collection

The artist’s book is made for the occasion of the benefit auction “Carnets d’Inspiration”, Curated by Olivia de Smedt, at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France, December 7 ~ 9, 2010.

Carnets d’Inspiration is a charity art event, which invites contemporary artists to work from a Moleskine sketchbook in order to create an original work of art. The artworks will be auctioned for the benefit of “Vaincre la Mucoviscidose” association (fighting against cystic fibrosis). I was invited for this meaningful project during a period when I was constantly traveling for work. Since receiving the notebook from Olivia, I have brought it along with me on journeys beginning from Paris to Taipei, Tokyo, Gwangju, Seoul, London, Budapest, New York, Dominican Republic…etc. Around this time, I was very attracted to the philosophy, music, and literature of the Islamic sect of Sufism. Especially when I hear chanting by Sufi musicians from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey…etc, I feel very touched in the heart. I think of Sufi literature as blessings that lead us to experience non-duality of which create a sense of unity that uplifts our spirit beyond perceived knowledge. It brings us to a state of euphoria where you are no longer different from me, and we are no longer separated from the world that we share. My hope for this little book in addition to the benefit for children with cystic fibrosis, is for the writings coming from this beautiful tradition to inspire us to embrace our shared path towards happiness and bring a breath of fresh air. The texts that were written in the book were in Chinese and English, which are the two languages that I know best. Special thanks to Olivia for the invitation.