A Pilgrimage Through Light & Spells

A Pilgrimage Through Light & Spells, 2012

Artist’s Book
21 x 30cm
Edition of 60
Published by Idem, Paris

A Pilgrimage Through Light & Spells is an artist’s book edition by Charwei Tsai. It is printed and published by the historical printmaking studio Idem in Paris. There are two sides to this book: the front side is composed of a short story on an imaginary pilgrimage through meditation written by the artist based on a series of black and white photographs. The photographs are captured through a broken camera creating unexpected light spectacles and diffusions. A mantra from the Heart Sutra is written on them. On the back side, the artist presents a selection of previous works including the “Mushroom Mantra”, “Sky Mantra”, “Circle”, and “Ah”. The edition is accompanied by a booklet of interview by Leanne Sacramone, (curator of Fondation Cartier, Paris) and is presented in a custom-made wooden box branded with the characters “Light” and “Mantra” in Chinese characters.