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Over the last nine years of my practice as an artist, people often ask me if I am a devoted religious artist or simply in love with the aesthetics of writing texts. Although I have always almost single-mindedly tried to explore one theme that is the Buddhist concept of emptiness, I never thought of myself as a religious artist. I always considered emptiness as a philosophical concept. In my daily life I am still trying to grasp this concept.

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form
Emptiness is not separate from form,
Form is not separate from emptiness.

— Excerpt from the Heart Sutra

My work is a meditation on these words. When I write repeatedly on objects, it is my own internal contemplative process that I consider as my practice. My aim was never to illustrate or produce a physical work that explains to others the concept of emptiness. My own understanding of the concept is still rudimentary and I am constantly learning.

Charwei Tsai
December 16, 2014