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Heman Chong / Charwei Tsai
Singapore / Saigon 17 July 2014
Published in We Came Whirling Out of Nothingness
by TKG+, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015

Leanne Sacramone / Charwei Tsai
Paris / Taipei
27 AprilĀ  2012

Tony Godfrey / Charwei Tsai
Singapore / Taipei
16 July 2010
Published in Dust in the Mirror by Djanogly Art Gallery, University of Notthingham, UK

Tony Brown / Charwei Tsai
22 August 2009
Published in Charwei Tsai: Water, Earth and Air by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney

Tina Lai / Charwei Tsai
New York/Paris
28 June 2009
Published in id-talk

Lesley Ma / Charwei Tsai
New York/Paris
5 April 2009
Published in Charwei Tsai: Transcience by Osage Gallery, Hong Kong