Parkett – 220 Artists’ Editions & Collaborations since 1984 +5, 2013, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
18 May ~ 25 August 2013

Exhibited works:
- Books of Influence on 18 Contemporary Artists in Taiwan, 2013, Installation of books
- Books of Influence on 18 Contemporary Artists in Taiwan, 2013, Video
- Complete set and presentation of Lovely Daze

Tsai was invited by Parkett to create a book project for Parkett’s collection exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum. For this project, Tsai invited 18 contemporary artists in Taiwan to choose 2 to 12 books that have influenced their life and thinking. The artists range from those who were born in the early 60s while Taiwan was under martial law to a younger generation who were born in the 80s when the country was rapidly modernizing. Eight of the artists were interviewed about their selections and the interviews were displayed in video format along with the books.

Participating artists: CHEN Chieh-Jen 陳界仁 (1960), Chien-Chi CHANG 張乾琦 (1961), Mingwei LEE 李明維 (1964), Michael LIN 林明宏 (1964), Goang-Ming YUAN 袁廣鳴 (1965), Jui Chung YAO 姚瑞中 (1969), YEH Wei-Li 葉偉立 (1971), Hong-Kai WANG 王虹凱 (1971), Kuang-Yu TSUI 崔廣宇 (1974), Jun YANG 楊俊 (1975), Yu Cheng CHOU 周育正 (1976), Chia-En JAO 饒加恩 (1976), LEE Kit 李傑 (1978), Charwei TSAI 蔡佳葳 (1980), Chi-Tsung WU 吳季璁 (1981), Yu Hsien SU 蘇育賢 (1982) , Cheng-ta YU 余政達 (1983), CHEN Ching-Yuan 陳敬元 (1984)

A complete set of Lovely Daze, a contemporary art journal that Tsai publishes since 2005 and a slideshow of its participation in exhibitions and events were also exhibited along side the book project.